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WOLF G2 Cell Sorter

Benchtop microfluidic cell sorting.

Up to Two Lasers and Nine Colors

WOLF G2 Cell Sorter

At < 2 psi, the WOLF G2 are gentler than any conventional cell sorters, enabling healthier cells post-sort, especially for engineered lines, primary cells, and stem cells.

All laser configurations afford < 250 MESF sensitivity, along with forward and back scatter, providing as low as 1 μm resolution.

At 2 cubic feet, NanoCellect’s benchmark for access and performance allows every lab for the flexibility to do analysis and sorting into tubes or 96- and 384-well plates.

Intuitive software, fixed optics, no fluidics cart and less than one minute clean-up time.

Disposable, aerosol-free microfluidic cartridge allows for sterile sorting that protects the sample from the environment and scientist from the sample.

With two lasers and up to nine fluorescent channels, the WOLF G2 aligns with a broad set of research applications and experiments. Three different laser configurations allows options specific to your needs.

Healthy Cells. Broad Capabilities. Better Science.

The WOLF Cell Sorter, born out of a team’s determination to tackle the challenges of biological research, has evolved alongside scientific progress with introduction of the WOLF G2 Cell Sorter pushing the boundaries of gentle benchtop microfluidic cell sorting. Equipped with two lasers and up to nine colors, it empowers researchers with expanded capabilities while maintaining user-friendly workflows for bulk sorting or precise single-cell dispensing. Leveraging the N1 Single-Cell Dispenser, the WOLF G2 Cell Sorter facilitates single-cell sorting into 96- or 384-well plates. This remarkable flexibility, combined with the enhanced functionality of the second laser, makes it a go-to solution for diverse fields like single-cell genomics, cell line engineering, gene editing, antibody discovery, immunology, infectious disease, plant biology, basic research, and more. Experience the future of advanced cell manipulation with the WOLF G2 Cell Sorter and unleash the potential of your research. Visit our webpage for further details on cell line development, single cell dispensing, and single cell isolation.

WOLF G2 Cell Sorter

Product Features


Sample Input

1.5 and 5.0 mL tubes

Sheath Input

50 mL Conical Tubes

Sheath Fluid

PBS or Buffer of Choice

Sheath Fluid Usage

9.6 mL/Hour

Sample Flow Rate

24 ul/Minute

Sheath Flow Rate

160 uL/Minute

Dead Volume

50 uL

Minimum Sample Volume

150 uL

Tubing Diameter (Inner)

200 to 500 um

Flow Cell

200 x 70 um

Sample Pressure

< 2psi

Cartridge based fluidics

NanoCellect’s innovative approach to cell sorting encompasses both bulk and single-cell sorting through its unique and exclusive microfluidic cartridges. The microfluidic sorting cartridges operate at less than 2 psi to enable gentle sorting that preserves cellular viability and RNA integrity, as well as eliminate aerosol generation. With a 100% disposable fluidic pathway, these cartridges are particularly advantageous for laboratories handling numerous samples, mitigating concerns related to cross-contamination and biohazard cleanup. The combination of zero aerosol generation and the sterile microfluidic sorting cartridges provides an end-to-end fluidics path, that delivers one of the safest sorting experiences available. Additionally, these cartridges offer remarkable flexibility, allowing users to sort cells using their preferred buffers and media while consuming only approximately 50 mL of sheath fluid per day. Experience the power of single-cell dispensing, cell line engineering, and single-cell isolation with NanoCellect’s cutting-edge microfluidic sorting cartridges.

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488 only or 488 nm & 637 nm or 488 nm & 561 nm or 405 nm & 488 nm

Laser Profile

25 x 27 µm

Scatter Detection

Forward (0 Degrees, +/-15)
Back (180 Degrees, +/-15)

Emission Detection

See WOLF G2 Configuration Guide

Optical Alignment

Fixed alignment, no customer maintenance required

Product Specs Table Optics

The WOLF G2 uses laser-based flow cytometry technology for detecting and sorting a variety of cell types, including mammalian, plant, fungal, and bacterial cells. The WOLF G2 cell sorter utilizes typical Forward- (FSC) and Back- (BSC) scatter detectors—as well as 3 different laser configurations to broaden its capabilities. In combination with the N1 single cell dispenser, scientists can complete both bulk and single-cell sorting. A simple cytometer, with powerful impact, allows researchers to sort their own cells on their own bench.

WOLF G2 Cell Sorter


  • WOLFViewer software walks users though a simple workflow by offering step-by-step wizards to make the sorting process as straightforward as possible. As a result, the software uses an intuitive workflow allowing users to quickly complete setup.
  • After setup, WOLFViewer makes analyzing and creating gates simple—while still providing full-featured flow cytometry tools.
  • Key tools like automatic compensation and index sorting, are streamlined and included.
  • When sorting is complete, shutdown and cleanup is literally less than a minute, allowing users to rapidly conclude their work.
  • Researchers have the option of 2-way sorts for bulk sorting and 1-way sorts for single-cell dispensing through the WOLFViewer software.

Scatter sensitivity

< 1.5 μm by FSC or BSC

Scatter Resolution

Resolves lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes

Fluorescence sensitivity

< 200 MESF FITC (using 488 nm laser)
< 250 MESF PE (using 561 nm laser)

Fluorescence Resolution

8 peak separation with SPHERO™️
Rainbow Calibration Particles

Analysis Speed

> 5,000 events/second


1- and 2-way

Back-to-back Sorting Speed

200 events per second

Absolute Counts


Volumetric Analysis


Warm-up Time

Less than 1 minute

Sorting Purity

Up to 99% purity

Sorting Output

1.5 mL and 5.0 mL, 96- and 384-well plates


The WOLF G2’s performance specifications allow users to complete various types of sorts for a variety of applications that may be occurring in their lab, for the ultimate in flexibility. The WOLF G2 cell sorter can resolve lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes, as well as microbial cells down to 1 μm, and up to 60 μm. Users can expect a sorting speed of up to 200 events per second maximally. Researchers have the option of 2-way sorts for bulk sorting and 1-way sorts for single-cell dispensing.

Physical Specifications

WOLF Dimensions

14.8H x 18.0W x 13.6D in (37.6H x 45.8W x 34.5D cm)

WOLF Weight

54 lbs (24.5kg)

WOLF Electrical

AC Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A

N1 Dimensions

8.42W x 6.5H x 8.34D in (21.4 x 16.5 x 20.9)

N1 Weight

5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg

N1 Electrical

DC Input: 24V 1A

Physical Dimensions

The WOLF G2 cell sorter is a simple, benchtop system that can easily be moved from lab-to-lab, and fits into biosafety cabinets. At 2 cubic feet and 54 pounds, researchers will not need to worry about the system taking up precious lab space.

The WOLF is a technology that enables small companies to do things they could not do before.” “The microfluidics capability is something that I have been excited about. The nature of how the WOLF works is being extremely attractive to us. Some of the experiments we’d like to do in the future could not be done on any other device.

Justin Chartron, Ph.D. Protabit LLC

Neurons are extremely delicate so the selection step should be the least disturbing of all if we want to have reliable results. When we tried the WOLF, we were extremely surprised that our cells were very healthy and viability was above 90%, sometimes above 95% which is very impressive.

Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk, M.Sc.,Ph.D. University of California Irvine

A great machine that has helped us take our cell-engineering pipeline to the next level!

Ronan O'Connell Rice University

The NanoCellect team and technical specialist have been awesome. After two test runs with very involved training/assistance, we have been very pleased with the results. The equipment is intuitive and the sorts have been very clean.

B. Davenport, Ph.D. University of Colorado

NanoCellect Customer Support team has been fantastic in helping us get up and running. The instrument is a helpful tool in our cell line development workflow.

Douglas Austen Takeda Pharmaceuticals

The NanoCellect customer support team is really helpful, knowledgeable and efficient; the WOLF is a great tool in our stem cell research workflow

Helen Miranda, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University

Applications Overview

The NanoCellect WOLF G2 cell sorter is a powerful tool used for a variety of applications, including antibody discovery, single cell sorting and plating, genomics, single cell RNA sequencing, plant biology, gene editing, cell line development, and discovering microorganisms in ocean or pond water. The WOLF G2 is designed to gently sort happy, healthy cells using a sterile cartridge-based microfluidics system. The WOLF G2 cell sorter is ideal for tasks like cell line development and sorting plant protoplasts,
as well as for monoclonal outgrowth of iPSCs and microalgae.

Application Areas

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WOLF Cell Sorter for Cell Line Development
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Gene Editing
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