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Sort Cells You Can See With the Gentle Microfluidics You Know

Adding Image Analysis to
Gentle Microfluidic Cell Sorting

Spatial Information

Captures images of each cell. In addition to fluorescence intensity, the VERLO provides spatial information such as cell morphology and marker localization

Enhanced Resolution

Imaging of subcellular structures and analysis of spatial variations in brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescent images

Increased Precision Sorting

Following the acquisition and processing of cell images, imaging features are incorporated into the gating strategy to define cell phenotypes

Multivariate Datasets

Combines high-throughput sampling with single-cell image acquisition and measures large number of features from cell images, providing more comprehensive data

Verlo Applications

Label Free cell structure

Label Free Cell Structure

Verlo Cell to Cell Interaction

Cell-Cell Interactions

VERLO Nuclear Translocation

Nuclear Translocation

VERLO Organelle Staining

Cell Organelle Staining

VERLO™ Early Access Program

Ready to advance the future of image-guided cell sorting?

NanoCellect is looking for scientific thought leaders and technology enthusiasts in the Stem Cell Research & Development and Flow Cytometry industries who want early, exclusive access to an innovative product at the forefront of image-guided cell sorting technology, before it is made available to the general market.

The VERLO Early Access Program provides early access for the yet-to-be-released VERLO image-guided cell sorting technology platform through documented purchase intent.

Program Benefits

Early Access at a Discounted Price

Influence Product Development

Travel Awards

Scientific Promotion