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WOLF User Publications

Engineering an active immunotherapy for personalized cancer treatment and prevention of recurrence
Kerui Wu, et al. Science. Published online April 26, 2023. View Publication

Reprogramming of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells into induced mesenchymal stromal cells using non-integrating vectors
Wanqiu Chen, et al. Nature. Published online Apr 11, 2023. View Publication

Ultra-high throughput mapping of genetic design space
O’Connell RW, et al. bioRxiv. Published online March 17, 2023. View Publication

BHLHE40/41 regulate macrophage/microglia responses associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of lipid-rich tissues
Podlesny-Drabiniok A, et al. bioRxiv. Published online Feb 13, 2023. View Publication

Human cell-based estrogen receptor beta dimerization assay
Hyeyeong Seo, Huiwon Seo, et al. Science Direct. Published online November 11, 2022. View Publication

T cells specific for α-myosin drive immunotherapy-related myocarditis
Axelrod ML, Meijers WC, Screever EM, et al. Nature. Published online November 16, 2022. . View Publication

SEC-seq: Association of molecular signatures with antibody secretion in thousands of single human plasma cells.
Cheng RYH, de Rutte J, Ott AR, et al. bioRxiv. 2022:2022.08.25.505190. View Publication

“Cutting the Mustard” with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: An Overview and Applications in Healthcare Paradigm.
Behl T, Kaur I, Sehgal A, et al. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. Published online July 6, 2022. View Publication

Microfluidic cell sorter sample preparation for genomic assays.
Jagnandan N, Morachis J. Biomicrofluidics. 2022;16(3):034106. View Publication

Combined treatment with anti-PSMA CAR NK-92 cell and anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody enhances the antitumour efficacy against castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Wang F, Wu L, Yin L, Shi H, Gu Y, Xing N. Clinical and Translational Medicine. 2022;12(6):e901. View Publication

Molecular specification of cortico-brainstem versus corticospinal projection neurons in development.
Kaiser J, Patel P, Dündar F, et al. bioRxiv. Published online June 1, 2022:2022.05.31.494253. View Publication

Accelerated aging induced by stress in experimental murine ocular hypertension.
Xu Q, Rydz C, Nguyen Huu VA, et al. bioRxiv. Published online May 5, 2022. View Publication

Functional antibody-dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) responses to vaccine and circulating influenza strains following vaccination.
Chen X, Sun H ying, Lee CY, et al. Virology. 2022;569:44-55. View Publication

Carbonic anhydrase and soluble adenylate cyclase regulation of cystic fibrosis cellular phenotypes.
Boyne K, Corey DA, Zhao P, et al. American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. 2022;322(3):L333-L347. View Publication

Cell-programmed nutrient partitioning in the tumour microenvironment.
Reinfeld BI, Madden MZ, Wolf MM, et al. Nature. 2021;593(7858):282-288. View Publication

Adipose Derived Stem Cell Morphology and Gene Expression in Two-Dimensional versus Three-Dimensional Environments (2020).
-Hammond, Caroline G. – Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE). 44. – View Publication

Development of a CRISPR System to Mutate Lpar4 in Chick Retinal Ganglion Cells (2020). 
– Driscoll, Garrett – Graduate Theses. 113. – View Publication

A platform for post-translational spatiotemporal control of cellular proteins.
Jayanthi B, Bachhav B, Wan Z, Martinez Legaspi S, Segatori L. Synthetic Biology. 2021;6(1):ysab002. View Publication

Downregulation of lncRNA BANCR participates in the development of retinopathy among diabetic patients.
Zhang X, Zou X, Li Y, Wang Y. Exp Ther Med. 2019;17(5):4132-4138. View Publication

Mapping Genetic Variants Associated with Dynamic Protein Abundance in Haploid Yeast (2021)
Thuet-Davenport, Tanner – WWU Graduate School Collection. 1007. – View Publication

Transcription Factor–Mediated Differentiation of Human iPSCs into Neurons.
Fernandopulle MS, Prestil R, Grunseich C, Wang C, Gan L, Ward ME. Current Protocols in Cell Biology. 2018;79(1):e51. View Publication


WOLF Sorting Technology

Microfluidic cell sorter with integrated piezoelectric actuator. Biomed Microdevices.
-Chen CH, Cho SH, Tsai F, Erten A, Lo YH. – View Publication

Specific sorting of single bacterial cells with microfabricated fluorescence-activated cell sorting and tyramide signal amplification fluorescence in situ hybridization.
-Chen CH, Cho SH, Chiang HI, Tsai F, Zhang K, Lo YH. – View Publication

Human mammalian cell sorting using a highly integrated micro-fabricated fluorescence-activated cell sorter (microFACS)
-Cho SH, Chen CH, Tsai FS, Godin JM, Lo YH. – View Publication


Imaging Flow

Low-latency label-free image-activated cell sorting using fast deep learning and AI inferencing
-Tang T, Xia L, Gutierrez B, Gagne I, Munoz A, Jagnandan N, Chen X, Zhang Z, Waller L, Alaynick W, Cho SH, An C, Lo HW. Biosensors and Bioelectronics2022 –  View Publication

Review: imaging technologies for flow cytometry
-Han Y, Gu Y, Zhang AC, Lo YH. – View Publication

Cameraless high-throughput three-dimensional imaging flow cytometry
-Han, Yuanyuan, Rui Tang, Yi Gu, Alex Ce Zhang, Wei Cai, Violet Castor, Sung Hwan Cho, William Alaynick, and Yu-Hwa Lo. – View Publication

Invited Paper Image-Guided Microfluidic Cell Sorter with Machine Learning
-Gu, Yi, Rui Tang, Alex Ce Zhang, Yuanyuan Han, and Yu-Hwa Lo. – View Publication

Machine learning based real‐time image‐guided cell sorting and classification
-Gu, Yi, Alex Ce Zhang, Yuanyuan Han, Jie Li, Clark Chen, and Yu‐Hwa Lo. – View Publication