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WOLF User Publications

Cell Programmed Nutrient Partitioning in the Tumor Microenvironment
– Reinfeld, B.I., Madden, M.Z., Wolf, M.M. et al. Nature 593, 282–288 (2021) – View Publication

Adipose Derived Stem Cell Morphology and Gene Expression in Two-Dimensional versus Three-Dimensional Environments (2020).
-Hammond, Caroline G. – Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE). 44. – View Publication

Downregulation of lncRNA BANCR participates in the development of retinopathy among diabetic patients. 
– Zhang X, Zou X, Li Y and Wang Y – Exp Ther Med 17: 4132-4138, 2019 – View Publication

Development of a CRISPR System to Mutate Lpar4 in Chick Retinal Ganglion Cells (2020). 
– Driscoll, Garrett – Graduate Theses. 113. – View Publication

A platform for post-translational spatiotemporal control of cellular proteins
Brianna Jayanthi, Bhagyashree Bachhav, Zengyi Wan, Santiago Martinez Legaspi, Laura Segatori – View Publication

Mapping Genetic Variants Associated with Dynamic Protein Abundance in Haploid Yeast (2021)
Thuet-Davenport, Tanner – WWU Graduate School Collection. 1007. – View Publication

Transcription Factor-Mediated Differentiation of Human iPSCs into Neurons
Fernandopulle MS, Prestil R, Grunseich C, Wang C, Gan L, Ward ME. – View Publication


WOLF Sorting Technology

Microfluidic cell sorter with integrated piezoelectric actuator. Biomed Microdevices.
-Chen CH, Cho SH, Tsai F, Erten A, Lo YH. – View Publication

Specific sorting of single bacterial cells with microfabricated fluorescence-activated cell sorting and tyramide signal amplification fluorescence in situ hybridization.
-Chen CH, Cho SH, Chiang HI, Tsai F, Zhang K, Lo YH. – View Publication

Human mammalian cell sorting using a highly integrated micro-fabricated fluorescence-activated cell sorter (microFACS)
-Cho SH, Chen CH, Tsai FS, Godin JM, Lo YH. – View Publication


Imaging Flow

Review: imaging technologies for flow cytometry
-Han Y, Gu Y, Zhang AC, Lo YH. – View Publication

Cameraless high-throughput three-dimensional imaging flow cytometry
-Han, Yuanyuan, Rui Tang, Yi Gu, Alex Ce Zhang, Wei Cai, Violet Castor, Sung Hwan Cho, William Alaynick, and Yu-Hwa Lo. – View Publication

Invited Paper Image-Guided Microfluidic Cell Sorter with Machine Learning
-Gu, Yi, Rui Tang, Alex Ce Zhang, Yuanyuan Han, and Yu-Hwa Lo. – View Publication

Machine learning based real‐time image‐guided cell sorting and classification
-Gu, Yi, Alex Ce Zhang, Yuanyuan Han, Jie Li, Clark Chen, and Yu‐Hwa Lo. – View Publication