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WOLF Cell Sorter Consumables

Discover the WOLF microfluidic cartridges for all your cell sorting applications.

Microfluidic Cartridges

Better than a fluidic cart, sterile microfluidic cartridges ensure low-pressure cell sorting applications for sensitive cells. With disposable cartridges, there will be no more sample-to-sample contamination

Unique to NanoCellect are our disposable cartridges that allow for bulk sorting or single-cell sorting. The sorting cartridges use a piezoacoustic actuator that gently directs cells into collection channels; an embedded cell sorting verification system gives instant feedback of sorting accuracy. And because the cartridges are disposable, there is no chance of sample-to-sample contamination or biohazardous aerosols.

NanoCellect offers two types of cartridges. First for bulk sorting, the cartridge has 3 output channels that allow to sort 2 selected cell populations in the A and C channels while the remainder of the cells are collected in the B channels. The single-cell sorting cartridge is designed to work with the N1 Single-Cell Dispenser accessory to deposit 1 to 100 cells per well of a 96- or 384-well plate.

Highlights of NanoCellect's Microfluidic Cartridges


Cartridges are individually-wrapped in sterile packing to avoid cross contamination.

Anything that the sample or sheath fluid touches is disposable.

A gentle sorting mechanism results in improved viability of cells and higher outgrowth.

No aerosols are produced during sorting.

Clean-up in 1 minute: once finished for the day simply discard the cartridge.

Product Features


Microfluidic Technology

The WOLF microfluidic cartridge uses a piezoacoustic actuator that drives the fluidic stream into the sorting channels. The technology allows to sort up to 300 cells per second.

Part Number


WOLF Microfluidic Bulk Sorting Cartridge, Pack of 3


WOLF Microfluidic Bulk Sorting Cartridge, Pack of 10


WOLF Microfluidic Single Cell Sorting Cartridge, Pack of 3


WOLF Microfluidic Single Cell Sorting Cartridge, Pack of 10

WOLF Calibration Beads

The WOLF Cell sorter requires to use calibration beads to complete the initialization of the microfluidic sorting cartridge. NanoCellect provides calibration beads in convenient dropper bottle. Just drop 1 mL

Highlights of NanoCellect's Calibration Beads


The Calibration beads are ready-to-use. Just use 1-2 drops into 650 ul of PBS.

The calibration beads are shipped in a dropper bottle. The bead concentration is optimized to provide the necessary beads in 1single drop therefore simplifying the cartridge initialization.

Product Features


Calibration Beads Product Insert

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Safety Data Sheet

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Part Number


NanoCellect Biomedical Calibration Beads

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The WOLF is a technology that enables small companies to do things they could not do before.” “The microfluidics capability is something that I have been excited about. The nature of how the WOLF works is being extremely attractive to us. Some of the experiments we’d like to do in the future could not be done on any other device.

Justin Chartron, Ph.D. Protabit LLC

Neurons are extremely delicate so the selection step should be the least disturbing of all if we want to have reliable results. When we tried the WOLF, we were extremely surprised that our cells were very healthy and viability was above 90%, sometimes above 95% which is very impressive.

Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk, M.Sc.,Ph.D. University of California Irvine

A great machine that has helped us take our cell-engineering pipeline to the next level!

Ronan O'Connell Rice University

The NanoCellect team and technical specialist have been awesome. After two test runs with very involved training/assistance, we have been very pleased with the results. The equipment is intuitive and the sorts have been very clean.

B. Davenport, Ph.D. University of Colorado

NanoCellect Customer Support team has been fantastic in helping us get up and running. The instrument is a helpful tool in our cell line development workflow.

Douglas Austen Takeda Pharmaceuticals

The NanoCellect customer support team is really helpful, knowledgeable and efficient; the WOLF is a great tool in our stem cell research workflow

Helen Miranda, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University

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