WOLF Cell Sorter

  • SMALL: Under 2 cubic feet and 45 pounds—NanoCellect’s new benchmark for access and performance makes cell sorting and analysis possible in every lab.
  • GOES ANYWHERE: The instrument is portable and fits in any hood.
  • INTUITIVE SOFTWARE: Unlike traditional cell sorter software, easy to use and requires minimal training.
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Advanced microfluidic technology

  • LOW SHEAR STRESS:  Gentle on-chip sorting minimizes shear stress and improves cell viability versus jet-in-air or droplet based sorters.
  • NO CONTAMINATION:  Disposable cartridge eliminates sample-to-sample contamination and aerosols. Protects the users from cells and protects the cells from users.
  • FLEXIBILITY: A selection of sterile cartridges designed to analyze, sort, or plate single cells.
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N1 Single Cell Dispenser

  • Quickly and effortlessly plate your cells into 96 or 384 well plates.
  • Output flexibility allows users to dispense 1 or “n” cells per well.
  • Excellent for single-cell cloning or single-cell RNA-seq.
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Cell Sorting Made for Every Lab

Maintain cell viability

Sort cells with greater confidence that they will survive and provide better results. The WOLF Cell Sorter uses a totally different approach compared to conventional jet-in-air cell sorters. This is critical for sensitive cells like Stem Cells where high pressures can damage cells and affect their biological behavior. With an on-chip fast valve, NanoCellect’s sorting mechanism gently guides cells into collection channels.

No dangerous aerosols

The sorting happens inside a microfluidic chip and therefore avoids the creation of dangerous aerosols normally emitted by traditional cell sorters. Smarter cell sorting allows greater flexibility in sorting human samples or samples normally requiring work in a hood.

Disposable Fluidics

Everything that the sample touches is sterile and disposable and gives you peace of mind that there will not be any contamination of your cells. When you are done, you can simply toss away. Whether you are developing CRISPR modified cell lines or difficult to grow samples, you can count on having sterile cartridges each time.