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Explore the power of modern and simple cell sorting in many applications.

Application NoteSample Enrichment

Quick, Gentle Mammalian Nuclei Preparation and Sorting with the WOLF Cell Sorter

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Application NoteCell Line Development

Increase HEK293T Single-Cell Clonal Outgrowth under Standard Conditions

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WebinarsCell Line Development

Robust CHO cell expression for high-quality biomanufacturing

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WebinarsCell Line DevelopmentGenomicsSample Enrichment

Simple, Gentle and Disposable Microfluidic Cell Sorting at your Bench

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WebinarsSample Enrichment

Combining Microbubbles and Cell Sorting for Quick, Gentle Isolation of Unique Cell Populations

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Microfluidic-based cell sorting to better sample preparation for 10x Genomics applications

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