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Mastering the Art of Plant Cell Sorting

Sorting plant cells poses unique challenges due to their structural complexity and diverse characteristics. The rigid cell walls of plants require specialized techniques to effectively isolate and sort cells without compromising their integrity. Additionally, plant cells often vary significantly in size, shape, and composition, making it challenging to achieve uniform sorting outcomes. 

The WOLF G2 Cell Sorter offers a method to isolate and enrich for plant cells and organelle populations to improve omics discoveries, and enrich gene-edited protoplasts or embryogenic microspores for accelerated double haploid production and plant regeneration. With the WOLF G2, you can sort viable fragile cells with high viability.


Maintain Optimal Plant Cell Health and Regeneration Property

Keep Your Protoplasts Intact

Minimize cellular stress during sorting procedures with the WOLF G2's low-pressure microfluidic technology, ensuring the integrity of sensitive plant cell samples.

Ensure Plant Cell Viability

The gentle sorting mechanism of the WOLF G2 preserves the viability of delicate plant cells, ensuring optimal health and functionality post-sorting.

Sort on Chlorophyll Content

Achieve high purity levels in sorted plant cell samples, minimizing contamination and enhancing the reliability of downstream analyses.

Use Custom Plant Media

Ability to use plant cell culture medium as sheath and sample media. WOLF G2 is compatible with a range of osmolarity.

Microspores for Plant Breeding

Obtain pure and homogeneous populations of microspores, facilitating downstream analyses and advancing research in plant genetics and breeding.

Small and Mighty

No bulky fluidic cart or lines brings cell sorting right to your benchtop, boat, submarine or wherever science takes you.

Sort Protoplasts in Custom Osmolarity Media

Sorting plant protoplasts is challenging with conventional cell sorters due to high sample pressures, shear stress and osmotic change which damage cells making them unusable for downstream applications.  The ability of the WOLF G2 to enrich and sort protoplasts is essential to haploid plants regeneration.

Isolate Microspores for Haploid Regeneration

Microspores are crucial in plant breeding programs and genetic studies, but their delicate nature requires specialized techniques for isolation and sorting. The WOLF G2 offers a solution with its gentle microfluidic technology, allowing for precise and efficient sorting of microspores while maintaining their viability and integrity. This enables researchers to obtain pure and homogeneous populations of microspores, facilitating downstream analyses and advancing research in plant genetics and breeding.

Sort Plant Nuclei for Dowstream Genomics

Sorting nuclei on the WOLF G2 is an important part of omics workflows and lower-throughput ploidy analyses. The WOLF G2 excels in preserving nuclei integrity throughout the sorting process, ensuring improved sequencing reads and accurate ploidy results. Unlike traditional cell sorters, the WOLF G2's gentle microfluidic technology delicately handles nuclei, minimizing cellular stress and maximizing the quality of sorted samples.

Isolate Microalgae for Environmental Studies

Sorting microalgae presents unique challenges due to their small size and delicate nature. The WOLF G2, equipped with microfluidic technology, offers a solution by providing gentle sorting of microalgae. This instrument allows researchers to efficiently isolate and purify microalgal cells, ensuring high viability and integrity post-sorting. With the WOLF G2, scientists can overcome the complexities of sorting microalgae and advance research in areas such as biofuel production, bioremediation, and bioprospecting for novel compounds.

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