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Gentle Microfluidic Sorting for Stem Cells & Fragile Cells

Discover the WOLF G2 Cell Sorter

Best-in-Class iPSC Clonal Outgrowth

Keep your iPSC cultures healthy and undifferentiated with single cell deposition in 96- and 384-well plates

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Breaking Down the Principles of Flow Cytometry

Isolate CRISPR/Cas9 Gene-edited iPSCs

Combine the WOLF G2 and N1 single cell dispenser to purify edited iPSCs and expand them toward monoclonality

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How Can I Increase My Transfection Efficiency?

Sort Gene-Edited Protoplasts for Crop Improvement

Transform plant biology research with the WOLF G2 gentle cell sorter and ensure integrity of sorted plant protoplasts, nuclei, and microspores.

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Plant Biology

Microfluidic Cell Sorting for Fragile Cells

Utilizing advanced microfluidic sorting technology, the WOLF and VERLO cell sorters family is dedicated to isolating stem cells and other fragile cells that typically fail to survive high-pressure, legacy droplet cell sorters. Our proprietary microfluidic cartridge design allows cell sorting of cell types that were previously not possible such as stem cells, sensitive immune cells, nuclei, or plant protoplasts—to name a few.
This presentation introduces the VERLO™ Image-Guided Cell Sorter from NanoCellect. VERLO integrates advanced image-guidance technology with cell sorting, enhancing precision and efficiency. The system captures images of individual cells, providing spatial information such as cell morphology and marker localization. Enhanced resolution imaging capabilities allow for the visualization and analysis of subcellular structures and spatial variations in brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescent images. VERLO’s gating strategy incorporates imaging features to define cell phenotypes, increasing the precision of cell sorting. The system combines low-pressure microfluidics with single-cell image acquisition to measure a multitude of features from cell images, generating comprehensive multivariate datasets.


Stem Cell Application

Stem Cells

Empower your stem cell research with tailored solutions, delivering precision and efficiency in sorting for advancements in regenerative medicine.

Plant Biology

Gentle sorting of plant cells, protoplasts, and nuclei. Our technology ensures high viability and integrity.
Genomics Application


Providing high-precision cell sorting for enhanced sequencing data and advancements in genomic research.

Antibody Discovery

Gentle sorting of B cells and other immune cells, ensuring high viability and functionality for reliable downstream analysis and rapid identification of high-affinity antibodies.
Cell Line Development Application

Cell Line Development

Offering a versatile and efficient platform for precise cell sorting in monoclonal outgrowth and beyond.
Gene Editing

Gene Editing

Delivering efficient and precise cell sorting for advancements in gene editing, knockout studies, and innovative genetic research.

Gentle Sorting - Healthy Cells - Better Science

Experience gentle cell sorting with the NanoCellect's family of sorters.
Elevate your research in stem cells and fragile cell populations.

Sort Cells with High Viability

Compared to high-pressure legacy droplets cell sorters, microfluidic-based cell sorting operates at less than 2 psi and sorts cells with high viability.

Best-In-Class Clonal Outgrowth​

The WOLF's low pressure and gentle microfluidics greatly reduce shear stress during single cell sorting resulting in higher number of clones per plate.​

Sterile Cell Sorting

The WOLF's sterile microfluidic cartridges prevent cross-contamination and eliminate aerosols, keeping you and your samples safe.

Simple and Compact

Our cell sorters are some of the most compact available.ntuitive and easy-to-use software allows any scientist to operate them. No expert required.

Flexible Media Compatibility

Traditional PBS sheath fluid isn't always preferred for many cell types. The WOLF G2 has the unique capability of sorting cells in their favored media.

No Daily Maintenance

Simplify your day. Our microfluidic cartridges are disposable. There are no internal fluidics to clean at the end the day. Just take out the cartridge and turn it off—easy.

Discover Our Products

Cutting-edge products, meticulously designed to revolutionize cell sorting and empower breakthroughs in life sciences.

WOLF G2® Cell Sorter

The WOLF G2 Cell Sorter expands the boundaries of gentle benchtop microfluidic cell sorting. Equipped with two lasers and up to nine colors, it empowers researchers with user friendly workflows for bulk sorting and single-cell dispensing.
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VERLO™ Image-Guided Cell Sorter

Combining microfluidic cell sorting with image acquisition and analysis to inform your sorting decisions, the VERLO Image Cell Sorter offers a variety of flow cytometry and image analysis parameters to sort your most complex samples..
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Our Accessories

Designed to complement and enhance the performance of our instruments.
N1 Single Cell Dispenser

N1 Single Cell Dispenser

The N1 Single-Cell Dispenser allows single cell deposition in 96- and 384- well plates. Combined with the gentle WOLF Cell Sorter, it ensures best-in-class clonal outgrowth for sorted cells. Ideal for cell line development and single cell deposition into PCR plates.
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CS1 Chiller Stirrer

CS1 Chiller Stirrer

Designed for applications with temperature sensitive samples such as nuclei sorting for downstream genomics applications. The CS1 Chiller-Stirrer improves performance by keeping both sheath fluid and sample at the desired temperature during the sorting process.
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NanoCellect Microfluidic Cartridges

Microfluidic Cartridges

Disposable and sterile cartridges are designed for bulk or single-cell sorting. The cartridges use a piezoelectric actuator that gently directs cells into collection channels. There is no chance of sample-to-sample contamination or biohazardous aerosols.
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Customer Testimonials

Hear firsthand accounts of how our cell sorting solutions are transforming scientific discovery and advancing breakthroughs across diverse fields.
The WOLF system has greatly improved our efficiency and speed in generating clonal cell lines for use in high throughput screening. Our favorite feature is the disposable cartrdige, because it vastly reduces the chances of contamination. We also found the software to be incredibly intuitive, allowing our scientists to use the WOLF with minimal training. This compact machine has been a wonderful addition to our lab!
Jeff Heard
Scientist at Beacon Discovery
The WOLF is a technology that enables small companies to do things they could not do before. The microfluidics capability is something that I have been excited about. The nature of how the WOLF works is being extremely attractive to us. Some of the experiments we'd like to do in the future could not be done on any other device.
Justin Chartron, PH.D.
Protabit LLC
Neurons are extremely delicate so the selection step should be the least disturbing of all if we want to have reliable results. When we tried the WOLF, we were extremely surprised that our cells were very healthy and viability was above 90%, sometimes above 95% which is very impressive.
Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk, M.SC., PH.D.
University of California Irvine
A great machine that has helped us take our cell-engineering pipeline to the next level!
Ronan O'Connell
Rice University
NanoCellect Customer Support has been fantastic in helping us get up and running. The instrument is a helpful tool in our cell line development workflow.
Douglas Austen
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
NanoCellect customer support team is really helpful, knowledgeable and effcient, the WOLF is a great tool in our stem cell research workflow
Helen Miranda, PH.D.
Case Western Reserve University

Partners & Collaborators

Our business is to enable our customers to push the boundaries of science. In June 2019, NanoCellect established the WOLF® PaC program for our Partners and Collaborators. These partnerships significantly contribute to product development pipeline as well as co-marketing and field activities.

Strong collaborations are important to help propel scientific advancements and we select partners who share our passion to help accelerate research and improve experimental outcomes. Check back as we continue to add more partners. To inquire about WOLF PaC, please email info@nanocellect.com.

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