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The WOLF and WOLF G2 cell sorters use our sterile and disposable microfluidic cartridges for gentle sorting of fragile cells

WOLF Cell Sorter

The WOLF Cell Sorter features a 488nm laser and 3 fluorescent channels in addition of forward and backscatter. The WOLF uses our gentle microfluidic cartridges.

WOLF G2 Cell Sorter

The WOLF G2 Cell Sorter features 2 lasers, a 488nm and your choice of 405nm, 561nm or 637nm. The instrument can detect up to 9-colors in addition of forward and backscatter. The WOLF uses our gentle microfluidic cartridges.

N1 Single Cell Dispenser
N1 Single Cell Dispenser

A module for the WOLF Cell Sorter to sort and dispense into 96-well or 384-well plates.

What scientists are saying…


cell sorting costs too much to maintain


instruments are too complex and limit efficiency


high-pressure cell sorters can damage their cells


concerned about affordability of a system in the lab

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Single-Cell Genomics
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WOLF Cell Sorter for Cell Line Development
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Gene Editing
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Simple Cell Sorting Made for Every Lab

The WOLF was originally created by a team of scientists and engineers who wanted to solve a classic challenge in biological research: how to sort cells effectively, easily, and of high quality. Now, as science continues to move forward into increasingly complex realms, the WOLF is moving forward with it. The new WOLF G2 instrument has significantly expanded the capabilities of gentle benchtop microfluidic cell sorting with two lasers and up to nine colors, while maintaining simple workflows for either bulk sorting or single-cell dispensing. Single-cell sorting can be completed in 96- or 384-well plates when using the WOLF G2 in conjunction with the N1 Single-Cell Dispenser. This flexibility in performance, along with the additional abilities of the second laser, makes it ideal for use in many different research fields and application areas like single-cell genomics, cell line development, gene editing, antibody discovery, immunology, infectious disease, basic research, and more.


The WOLF has one laser and can detect three fluorescent channels, while the WOLF G2 has two lasers and can detect up to nine fluorescent channels. Benefits of the WOLF and WOLF G2:

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Healthy Cells

At < 2 psi, both instruments are gentler than any conventional cell sorters, enabling healthier cells post-sort, especially for engineered lines, primary cells, and stem cells.

Simple and Compact

At 2 cubic feet with intuitive software, fixed optics, no fluidics cart and less than one minute clean-up time allows every lab for the flexibility to do analysis and sorting into tubes or with the N1 Cell dispenser fill 96- and 384-well plates.

Affordable and inexpensive to maintain

Both instruments do not need a fluidics cart and uses disposable cartridges, so maintenance is simple and economical. Save money on important experiments by using an affordable and approachable cell sorter.

Sterile and disposable

They both utilizes a sterile and disposable cartridge, which makes sorting biohazardous samples safe by not producing any aerosols. Cross-contamination is never an issue, as every cartridge is disposable and allows for a clean sample run, every time.

Partners & Collaborators

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Our business is to enable our customers to push the boundaries of science. In June 2019, NanoCellect established the WOLF® PaC program for our Partners and Collaborators. These partnerships significantly contribute to product development pipeline as well as co-marketing and field activities.

Strong collaborations are important to help propel scientific advancements and we select partners who share our passion to help accelerate research and improve experimental outcomes. Check back as we continue to add more partners. To inquire about WOLF PaC, please email info@nanocellect.com.


The WOLF system has greatly improved our efficiency and speed in generating clonal cell lines for use in high throughput screening. Our favorite feature is the disposable cartridge, because it vastly reduces the chances of contamination. We also found the software to be incredibly intuitive, allowing our scientists to use the WOLF with minimal training. This compact machine has been a wonderful addition to our lab!

JEFF HEARD Scientist at Beacon Discovery

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