Sterile, easy-to-use solutions for high cell integrity of single cell dispensing

Genomic Analysis

Gently sort individual cells and prepare higher quality samples.

Cell Line Development

Giving scientists the power to find the best cells.

Gene Editing

Faster time to discovery.
Better results.


It’s time to move beyond the traditional flow cytometry thinking of “how many colors and how fast.” The explosive growth of the life and medical sciences industries demands continued innovation, faster times to discovery and answer, and effective solutions to help scientists make an impact. NanoCellect® has provided just that.

Delivering sterile, portable, intuitive solutions for sorting fragile samples, NanoCellect is pushing the status quo of flow cytometry to empower biomedical scientists with higher viability cells, no chance of sample-to-sample contamination, and efficient workflows.

Introducing the WOLF® Cell Sorter and N1 Single Cell Dispenser. Benchtop cell sorting. Sterile. Gentle on cells. Easy-to-use.

See what experts are saying...

The WOLF system has greatly improved our efficiency and speed in generating clonal cell lines for use in high throughput screening. Our favorite feature is the disposable cartridge, because it vastly reduces the chances of contamination. We also found the software to be incredibly intuitive, allowing our scientists to use the WOLF with minimal training. This compact machine has been a wonderful addition to our lab!

 Jeff Heard, Scientist at Beacon Discovery

NanoCellect creates innovative tools for cell analysis and sorting.

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