NanoCellect’s N1 Single Cell Dispenser has arrived

News | May 31, 2017

Adding to their innovative product line, NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. announced today their upcoming N1 Single Cell Dispenser to be used in conjunction with the WOLF® Cell Sorter. Responding to requests from users of the WOLF® Cell Sorter, the new N1 module will aid applications that require the sorting and dispensing of single cells in 96-well or 384-well plates, such as B-cell identification in antibody discovery and monoclonal CHO cell line development. Connecting directly to the WOLF® Cell Sorter, the dispenser is aerosol-free, sterile, and utilizes disposable technology for ease-of-use.

NanoCellect has discovered that many cell and molecular biologists avoid using FACS because of the cost and complexity of owning and operating an instrument. By providing an easy-to-use cell plating solution, researchers in antibody discovery, cell line development, genome editing, single cell genomics and proteomic applications can now routinely take advantage of sterile, gentle sorting and single-cell plating.

Scientists doing antibody discovery want to find the “best” producer of an antigen specific antibody. Using NanoCellect’s new Single Cell Dispenser can eliminate rounds of sub-cloning. In cell line development, selection of high expressing CHO cells can be accomplished more efficiently with the WOLF Single Cell Dispenser than limited dilution or other methods in selecting the viable single cells. CRISPR genome editing scientists require sorting individual cells to find the correctly modified clones. The WOLF Cell Sorter with the new dispenser allows for maximal convenience to sort in the same hood where cells are manipulated. The N1 module will be made available to Early Access Partners first and then rolled out to others later in the year.

“One of the biggest needs we saw from our users was to plate individual cells in wells for single-cell applications” said NanoCellect CEO, Jose Morachis, “our new single cell dispenser complements the WOLF® and extends its use to many more applications.”


Headquartered in San Diego, NanoCellect designs and builds microfluidic-based biomedical research tools that make cell analysis and sorting affordable and easy-to-use. NanoCellect’s tools advance discovery by enabling biomedical scientists to analyze and sort cells required for drug discovery, diagnostics, and basic research.