Cell Line Development
You need a single, viable cell.
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cell-line-development workflow

Tired of your lab efficiency and production cell line being compromised by high pressure and high throughput cell sorters? The cell line development market is impacted by low growth rate from traditional cell sorter technology and its adverse effects on stable cell line generation from high throughput processes. Say good-bye to the frustrations of limiting dilution and the shear stress caused by conventional flow cytometers when attempting to develop stable cell lines. As purveyors of biopharmaceutical cell-based assays technologies & process development, one of our main objectives at NanoCellect is to increase efficiency by using flow cytometry in order to select clones with high cell viability. Contaminate and biohazardfree, the WOLF Cell Sorter’s rapidly-exchangeable cartridge and tubing set eliminates carryover between samples and allows for quick and easy clean up.

When paired with the N1 Single Cell Dispenser, the WOLF can be used to select viable single cells from a cell culture and plate them into 96 or 384well plates. This is specifically useful for efficiently developing monoclonal populations (such as a monoclonal antibody for therapeutic use in immunotherapy) via single cell deposition and then clone selection. The wells can be pre-loaded with culture media, and the same media can be used as the sheath buffer. This, in conjunction with the low pressure induced by the sorter, greatly improves cell integrity from that of conventional sorters, providing higher populations of viable, healthy cells, facilitating stable cell line development.

How gentle is the WOLF? With <2 psi systematic pressure, the WOLF is 30 times gentler than standard cell sorters. It is so easy to use that virtually anybody can be an expert in cell line engineering.

More than a cell printer, the WOLF is a FACS (fluorescence-activated cell sorting) instrument capable of sorting based on 5 optical parameters that provide well-by-well index cellular data.

As an example, consider your lab tech is working on mammalian cell line development or the generation of CHO cells (Chinese hamster ovary mammalian cells) expressing recombinant protein. CHO-S cells are the gold standard for manufacturing therapeutic proteins. However, with traditional cytometers, the development process to establish CHO cell line is rendered inefficient by how much cell death takes place during the cell sorting. Time and resources are wasted simply on creating stable cell lines with the desired consistent gene expression. The same holds for:

  • iPSC cell line development (and iPSC reprogramming)
  • Immunophenotyping efforts
  • Cancer research and drug testing

Using NanoCellect products, cell line development and engineering has never been safer for cell populations and easier for lab techs. With easy-to-use hardware for testing and intuitive software for analytics, the WOLF cell sorter is your platform of choice for simple cell sorting. The applications towards molecular biology aren’t limited to just mammalian cell lines and cell sorting, be sure to see how our gentle microfluidic platform can be applied to antibody discovery, gene editing, and other biologic applications.

Think NanoCellect for a happier, healthier lab.

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