You need a single, viable cell.
We have a comprehensive solution.

Say good-bye to the frustrations of limiting dilution, and the shear stress caused by conventional flow cytometers. Contaminate and biohazard free, the WOLF Cell Sorter’s rapidly-exchangeable cartridge and tubing set eliminates carry-over between samples, and clean up takes less than a minute.

When paired with the N1 Single Cell Dispenser, the WOLF can be used to select viable single cells and plate them into 96 or 384 well plates.  The wells can be pre-loaded with culture media, and the same media can be used as the sheath buffer. This, in conjunction with the low pressure induced by the sorter, greatly improves cell integrity from that of conventional sorters, providing higher populations of high viability, healthy cells.

More than a cell printer, the WOLF can sort based on 5 optical parameters and provide well-by-well indexed cellular data.

Visit the Scientific Content section of our web site to read how gentle, single-cell sorting with the WOLF and N1 can help improve the cell line development process.