NanoCellect and University of California, San Francisco Announce Collaboration on Cell-based Assays

News | April 4, 2019

San Diego, (April 4, 2019) – NanoCellect Biomedical Inc., a leader in the development and manufacture of solutions for cell-based assays, today announced a collaboration with the Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core facility at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core facility had entered NanoCellect’s “Win a WOLF®” contest in late 2018 and was selected out of 45 entrants to help demonstrate the broad utility the WOLF Cell Sorter can have within core facilities. The one-year collaboration will give UCSF scientists the ability to gently sort fragile cells with the WOLF Cell Sorter, which delivers significant advantages over conventional technologies that use high-pressure droplet formation. These conventional methods can result in shear stress, which may reduce cell viability and genomic and mRNA integrity.

“The WOLF Cell Sorter fills a gap in our instrument inventory, enabling us to conduct a broader range of assays including those where low shear stress is required to improve cell viability,” said Claudia Bispo, MS, SCYM (ASCP) CM, flow cytometry associate director at UCSF. “The WOLF Cell Sorter will enable us to sort cells based on multiple markers in culture media using low pressure, and could be our best shot at developing a mechanistic understanding of how specific stem cell types give rise to the human brain and influence the development of disorders such as autism, microcephaly, epilepsy and glioblastoma.”

“In the few weeks since installing our WOLF Cell Sorter in this core facility, UCSF researchers have shown immediate interest in our gentle cell sorting platform in their work with stem cells and other fragile cell types.  During this collaboration, we look forward to working with UCSF scientists to advance their research and further our application breadth leveraging the benefits of the WOLF system,” said Chris Neary, CEO of NanoCellect.

About NanoCellect Biomedical

NanoCellect is a life science tools company that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for cell analysis and sorting based on microfluidic technology. NanoCellect’s WOLF Cell Sorter and N1 single-cell plate dispenser provide gentle sorting to maintain cell viability. The WOLF platform is used in a growing list of application areas including antibody discovery, cell line development, genomic sample preparation, CRISPR genomic editing and plant and animal genomics. Founded in 2009, NanoCellect headquarters are in San Diego.

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