Jose Morachis is highlighted in Pacific Magazine’s 30(ish) Under 30(ish) Entrepreneurs

News | July 27, 2015

San Diego entrepreneurs have been launching everything from cold-pressed juices to biomedical research products, transforming this military mega-plex into a startup capital.  Read the story here.

Here is Jose’s profile from the Magazine:

José M. Morachis, 33

President and CEO, NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc.
Born: Sinaloa, Mexico
Resides: North Park
PacificSD: Describe (in 30-ish words) your business/service/product.

JOSÉ MORACHIS: NanoCellect’s first product is the WOLF Cell Sorter. Cell sorters are used to analyze and sort thousands of cells per minute and are essential systems for most biomedical research labs.

Describe (in 30-ish words) what exciting things are happening in your business right now.

Just like computers transitioned from being huge and expensive machines to an iPhone, we are seeing a similar transition in biomedical technology. We are excited in being part of it at this stage.

What accolades have you received?

Nine Small Business Innovative Research (SBIRs) awards from the NIH. Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from The Salk Institute. Board of Directors at Arroyo Paseo Charter High School. One of CONNECT’s 2015 Rock Stars of Innovation.

Describe (in 30-ish words) your business goals.

Our ultimate goal is to make one of the best Life Science tools that will be used for years to come. If we do that, we will succeed in every other aspect of the business.

Describe (in 30-ish words) what drives you.

The biggest driver for me is family. My family came from a humble town in Mexico, and we push to better ourselves. The other thing that drives me is the desire to leave a positive impact.

Describe (in 30-ish words) what will you do next.

I am part of a great partnership at ScholarNexus LLC, where we help conceptualize, seed and execute new Life Science companies. NanoCellect came out of this, and I am excited to see what we do next.