NanoCellect Validates Genomic Sample Preparation Solutions Compatible with 10x Genomics

News | July 25, 2019

SAN DIEGOJuly 25, 2019 — NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacturing of modern and simple solutions for cell based assays, today announced that is has been added to the 10x Genomics’ Compatible Product Partner Program. As part of this program, NanoCellect will help propel scientific studies forward more rapidly and efficiently by giving researchers the ability to easily input their desired cells with higher viability and integrity, improving the workflow and research results obtained with 10x Genomics’ technology.

“We are excited that our WOLF Cell Sorter and N1 Single Cell Dispenser (96-well dispenser or 384-well plate) has been validated by the 10x Genomics Compatible Product Partner Program so that customers can improve cell purity and viability for single cell workflows,” said Dr. Jose Morachis, President and Co-Founder of NanoCellect. “With sample prep being so critical to genomics applications, we’re proud to offer a cost-effective solution that enables researchers to select and enrich target cells in front of 10x single cell workflows, yielding significantly better results than traditional processes.”

“Through our 10x Genomics’ Compatible Product Partner Program we are able to rapidly extend new solutions to our customers worldwide,” stated Brad Crutchfield, chief commercial officer of 10x Genomics. “We have validated NanoCellect’s WOLF Cell Sorting solution and have confirmed with our customers the benefits of using the WOLF for sample preparation in their 10x single cell workflows.  With NanoCellect as a member of our Compatible Product Partner Program, we can support our mutual customers across the entire workflow.”

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About NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. 
NanoCellect is a life science tools company that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for cell analysis and sorting based on gentle, sterile, microfluidic technology. NanoCellect’s WOLF® Cell Sorter and N1 single-cell plate dispenser allow researchers to perform antibody discovery, cell line development, single cell genomics, genomic sample preparation and CRISPR genome editing faster, without contamination. The compact, sturdy and affordable system allows researchers to safely perform cell sorting and single-cell plating experiments at their convenience. Founded in 2009, NanoCellect is headquartered in San Diego. Learn more at

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