Team adds commercial expertise!

News | April 16, 2016

We are pleased to add two exceptional individuals, Rick Segil and Jack Ball, to the NanoCellect family as we gear up for commercial launch of the WOLF Cell Sorter.

Rick Segil has joined our management team where he leads commercial operations. Rick brings a wide range of experience in operations and is great at getting successful products manufactured and commercialized. Most recently Rick was VP of Operations for EcoATM where he joined the startup to develop kiosks for recycling mobile phones and was subsequently acquired by Outerwall (Redbox/Coinstar) for $350M in 2013.

We are also very excited to have Jack Ball join our Board of Directors. Jack Ball’s experience complements very well with the current team and brings deep knowledge on global sales and marketing strategy. By using innovative techniques to rapidly grow markets via the latest and most cost effective techniques, Jack has demonstrated results in several companies. Jack Ball was Chief Commercial Officer for Accuri (flow cytometer company) prior to acquisition by Becton-Dickenson in 2011 and serves on several biotech boards.