NanoCellect Biomedical Expands its Global Distribution Network to Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

News | September 9, 2021

SAN DIEGO, Calif., (July 6, 2021) — Further expanding its commitment to deliver the benefits of simple, high viability cell sorting solutions globally, NanoCellect Biomedical announced it has completed agreements with two key partners to distribute its WOLF and WOLF G2 Cell Sorters throughout Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Western Asia. NanoCellect’s strategy to expand the availability of its cell sorting system to academic and biopharma organizations worldwide are advanced with these key agreements. This global expansion broadens NanoCellect’s reach to life scientists throughout the world, especially important for those frontline researchers working on COVID-19, who require flow sorting.


In June of this year, NanoCellect partnered with Accella to provide sales and support to researchers in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. Also in June, NanoCellect singed Alliance Global (AGBL) to cover Africa, Middle East, Levant, Turkey, Western Asia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


These distributors join our existing network of Novogene (Northern China), Biostar (Southern China), Genmall Biotechnology (Taiwan), Filgen (Japan), Research Instruments (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam), DAON BioSciences (Korea), Millennium Science (New Zealand, Australia), Bucher Biotec (Switzerland), I&L Biosystems (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland), and Danyel in Israel.


Dr. Will Alaynick, Co-founder and VP International at NanoCellect commented, “NanoCellect is eagerly supporting our colleagues performing cell line development and single-cell ‘omics research. In addition, we have helped numerous infectious disease researchers with our sterile, contained cartridges—including the novel coronavirus. Reaching additional researchers in Africa who are addressing malaria, and several viral diseases is what makes our efforts at NanoCellect so rewarding.”


NanoCellect’s microfluidic flow cytometry platform is used by scientists to analyze and sort cells for stem cell cloning and cell line development, single-cell genomics and sample preparation, among other life science research applications. The company was founded in late 2009 as a spinout from the University of California, San Diego. Six years were dedicated to perfecting WOLF’s technology platform before introducing the product to early adopters in 2016. Initial funding of the company was provided by 19 NIH SBIR grants and contracts. Today, Illumina Ventures, FusionX Ventures, Anzu Partners, Agilent Technologies, Vertical Ventures (Highlander Fund and Triton Fund), and other private investors continue to support NanoCellect’s growth and success.

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About NanoCellect Biomedical

Co-founded by Drs. Will Alaynick, José Morachis, Nate Heintzman, Sung Hwan Cho, and Professor Yuhwa Lo in 2009, NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. is a privately-held life science company focused on developing pioneering solutions and commercializing cell analysis and sorting that is based on microfluidic technology. NanoCellect’s mission is to facilitate breakthrough biomedical discoveries by making cell sorting and analysis technology portable, affordable, and easy to use. Its WOLF platform is used in a growing number of scientific applications including antibody discovery, cell line development, single cell genomics, genomic sample preparation, CRISPR genomic editing, and plant and animal genomics. Follow NanoCellect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.