WOLF Pack Partner & Collaborator Program

We’re in the business of enabling our customers to push the boundaries of science. Our microfluidic cell sorting technology is more efficient than limiting dilution, and offers a far more gentle and sterile option than conventional sorters. But we are only one part of the workflow, which is why we launched our WOLF Partners and Collaborators (PAC) Program in June 2019.

Strong collaborations are important in order to help propel scientific advancements, and we select partners who share our passion to help accelerate research, and improve experimental outcomes. Check back as we continue to add more partners.

Partners & Collaborators


Featured product: QIAseq® UPX 3′ Transcriptome Kit 

About: The greatest bottleneck to single-cell analysis is the lack of easy-to-use methods for precisely isolating single cells from a heterogeneous cell population and debris, without damaging the cells, and dispensing them into 96- or 384-well plates. Combining the power of the NanoCellect’s WOLF Cell Sorter’s capability of single cell sorting into 96 well and 384 plates with QIAGEN’s QIAseq UPX 3′ Transcriptome Kit provides a high-tech, synergistic Sample to Insight® workflow solution.