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Comprehensive Service and Qualification Service plans for WOLF Cell Sorter systems.

Our Commitment

NanoCellect is committed to provide you with the highest level of support and expertise for your cell sorting workflow. We are dedicated to delivering the very best solutions and assistance to help you improve the quality of your research.

Product Features

Service Contract Overview

Preventive Maintenance (PM) (1/system/year)

Preventive Maintenance (PM) (1/system/year)

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Remote Support

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Expenses (Travel, Lodging, Labor) included

Expenses (Travel, Lodging, Labor) included

Priority Technical Support and 
Remote Diagnosis

Unlimited User Training

Depot Repair (Freight, Labor, Parts)

Loaner Unit Available

Applications Support

Service Contract Summary

We offer two service contract options designed to help you pick the best plan that fits your laboratories budget and needs.

Flexible – instrument service contract options to ensure proactive maintenance of your NanoCellect WOLF instruments and components.

Service and support excellence – our experienced field service engineers (FSEs) have unmatched experience and knowledge of our WOLF systems.

No hidden fees – service contracts include travel and repair costs, plus parts required for repair or preventive maintenance. Manage your expenses with a service contract that helps you control upfront costs rather than incur emergency repair fees later.

Preventive Maintenance

Included with all service plans, regular preventive maintenance (PM) on your WOLF instrument can identify and proactively address any potential issues. Our comprehensive multipoint inspection and testing ensures each WOLF Cell Sorter system and associated accessories, such as the N1 Single-Cell Dispenser, meets our product operational specifications.  A typical PM may include overall inspection, cleanup, replacing worn parts, and more. 

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IQ Protocol provides:​
OQ Protocol provides:

NanoCellect FSE Training Verification​

Pre-Operation Verifications​

Environmental Conditions Verification​

Instrument Functional Verifications and data files​

Instrument and Documentation Verifications​

Instrument and Accessory Manuals​

Purchase Order and Service Contract Verifications​

Data Saving Verification​

Operating System and Firmware Version Verifications​

Qualification Service Contracts

NanoCellect Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ, OQ) services offer a range of qualification capabilities to verify and document that your WOLF G2 Cell Sorter, accessories, and components are installed, operating, and performing according to NanoCellect’s specifications.  

Service and support excellence – our experienced and certified field service engineers (FSEs) have unmatched experience and knowledge of our WOLF G2 Cell Sorter.

Confidence – gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that the work is performed to NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. specifications. 

No hidden fees – Control time and reduce resource costs associated with performing in-house qualifications. 

Convenient – Partner with one trusted service provider for all your system service needs. 

Installation Qualification (IQ) – Verifies and documents that all necessary WOLF G2 Cell Sorter, accessories, and components required for operation are received and properly installed in accordance with NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. installation protocols.  

Recommended Intervals: During initial installation and after a relocation or reinstallation

Operational Qualification (OQ) – Documents and tests subsystems of the WOLF G2 Cell Sorter, accessories and components, including mechanical, electrical, and optical components, to verify operating functions are in accordance with the WOLF G2 product operational specifications. 

Recommended Intervals: Following upgrades, repairs, or preventative maintenance – According to laboratory standard operating procedures.

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Ordering Information
Catalog No.


WOLF Standard Service Contract​​


WOLF and N1 Single-Cell Dispenser Standard Service Contract​​​


WOLF G2 Standard Service Contract​​​


WOLF G2 and N1 Single-Cell Dispenser Standard Service Contract​​


WOLF Premium Service Contract​​


WOLF and N1 Single-Cell Dispenser Premium Service Contract​​


WOLF G2 Premium Service Contract​​


WOLF G2 and N1 Single-Cell Dispenser Premium Service Contract​​


WOLF G2 Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ)


WOLF G2 Operational Qualification (OQ)


Preventative Maintenance Visit

Ordering Information

NanoCellect instrument service contract options ensure proactive maintenance of your NanoCellect WOLF instruments and components. All of our service contracts include travel and repair costs, plus parts required for repair or preventive maintenance.

Manage your expenses with a service contract that meets your laboratory needs. Ordering information is provided in the table so you can easily request additional information or order the service contract option that is best suited for your laboratory. Just click on the link below and our support team will contact you shortly.


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